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11/11/12 – Fifty Years Since Vatican II: Promotion of the Liturgy

During this Year of Grace, we have been invited to revisit the constitutions of the Second Vatican Council, which began fifty years ago this year.  The first of these constitutions was on the liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium.

The constitution reflected a strong desire in the Church for the reform of the liturgy.  The constitution, therefore, spoke of the promotion of the liturgy, and people’s participation in it.

The constitution recommended, therefore, that every territorial authority (eg Conference of Bishops) set up a liturgical commission.  In Australia, the National Liturgical Council (NLC) supports and advises the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference on liturgical matters.  The liturgical commission should also be supported by experts in specific areas.  Again in Australia, the bishops approved the establishment of both a music board, and an art and architecture board.

Such consultative groups are also recommended for each diocese to support and support the bishop in the promotion of the liturgy.  In the Diocese of Parramatta, the Diocesan Liturgical Commission and the Office for Worship have been established to promote and support the celebration of the liturgy.