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We Speak

Carmel Bulletin, 3 November 2013

Actions of the Assembly

Actions of the Assembly

The prayers that we pray during Mass give voice to our needs and concerns, our joys and sorrows, our praise and thanksgiving, our faith and belief.  Our words serve part of a dialogue, both between those of us gathered and participating in the celebration, and between us and God who dwells among us and listens to our needs.  We speak to petition, to praise, to affirm the prayers and actions of the whole assembly.

Our common prayers serve as a sign of our tradition.  Our prayers draw upon texts from, and make reference to, sacred Scripture.  Many of them have their origins in prayers first composed centuries earlier.  Through our prayer, we join with the generations of people who go before us, in heaven and on earth, who are marked with the sign of faith.

Our common prayers also serve as a sign of our unity as the people of God.  We speak with one voice, united not just with each other gathered together in this church, but in every church building throughout the Church.

The Mass: Sacrifice and Praise